Stores/shops that you own can be added in this section, and all of them can be operated centrally from one location.

The admin or the designated person can operate the stores/shops as decided and directed by the admin. 

Go to Setup then Shops.

Here all the basic information about your stores can be set by you. Add/Edit the shop.

Basic Information

Enter the basic information about the shop like  Legal Business Name, Brand Name, Establishment Type, Locality, Address, Country, etc.  

  • In Establishment Type, if your shop is a Retail Outlet then select the option as shown in the image. If it is Warehouse or Factory, select them accordingly. Also if you have made it your e-store then you may select that too.
  • Note that if your shop is a ‘Retail Outlet’ and its warehouse and factory are somewhere else then you do not need to select the ‘Warehouse‘ and ‘Factory‘ options. And then you need to enter your ‘Warehouse’ and ‘Factory’ location name. 
  • Similarly, if the warehouse of your shop is in another place then you do not need to select the ‘Warehouse‘ option and enter the warehouse location name.
  • The same way applies to the factory also. If the factory of your shop is somewhere else then do not select the ‘Factory’ option and enter the factory location name. 

Also, note that if the Establishment Type is not Retail Outlet then the Tax Settings and Sales Settings will not appear. 

Hence the Retail Outlet box is selected, 

in the image, so the tax settings and sales settings are displayed.  

Tax Settings

Next is the Tax Settings of the shop.

If you want to apply tax then select the option Charge Sales Tax, then a column will appear, there you can set your Tax Registration Number. And now submit it.

Sales Settings 

Then the sales settings of the shop. You get to add all the sales parameters.

  • You can set the store’s WhatsApp API key here. The store’s existing mobile number can be used for WhatsApp communication. After entering the API key you will be presented with the QR code, where you will need to scan the QR and WhatsApp will be activated. To know more about the integration, you can contact us.
  • Default Exchange Currency is a currency that can be made as the default currency, if any customer is paying in another currency other than your shops’ standard currency then you can select that also.
  • In the Sales Order Number Prefix Column, you can enter the prefix that you want in your order form. Similarly, you can set the Starting Sales Order Number. You can set any letter or number as a prefix and set any number as starting number.
  • Also, you can set the print title of your order. That title will get printed on the order form.
  • In the same way as order, you can set invoice number prefix and starting number.

Printer Settings

You can customize the printer settings and can set footer notes.

Select the paper size if you want it as A5 or Thermal Receipt paper. Also, select if you want to print Header & Footer. Then whatever details you add in the header or footer, those will appear in the print. For example you can add terms and conditions in the footer.

Let’s now see how to add footer notes.

You can see in the above image where you can set footer notes. You can design the footer by yourself. For sales estimate you can use the above field in the software.

Next you will see Sales Order Footer Notes

You can set the footer notes for sales order prints. The contact details or anything that you will set here will be displayed in the print.

In the same way, you can set footer notes for purchase orders and external sourcing.

Opening Hours 

The opening hours of the store/shop can be configured as well.

You can record the daily attendance of your employees by using Biometric Machine. You may contact us for biometric machine integration. You will only need to define the opening and closing hours and the biometric machine will record the attendance.


You can also add documents for your shop/store. Click Add New Document

Now enter the title of your document. You can synchronize reminders with dates for important documents. If you select Yes of Enable Reminder then you will be displayed a column where you can set the reminder date.

Images of documents may also be uploaded.