Worker Status

The work statuses of each employee will be displayed here. There will be a list of the workers’ names and the assignments they received. Viewing data is the main purpose of this window. There are no editable or erasable data in this window. You can see the work orders that were sent to them, the stage of production that they are now in, when they began, and when the job was finished.

Go to Production and then Worker Status

Here you will find the worker’s next availability date, which again indicates the next date the worker will be free and without any assigned task if you have established a time limit for any production procedures in Required Minutes in the employee profile.

You can examine a detailed list of the workers’ tasks, including with work order numbers and other information, by clicking the view icon.

 You can view the workers’ status information. Their designated process and the commencement date of the job. You can monitor the worker’s status in this manner.