WhatsApp Integration

You will have the opportunity to link your current/existing mobile number to WhatsApp so that you can communicate with your clients. You can send order updates and notify the customer when their items are ready. With the help of our campaign module program, you can simultaneously deliver campaign messages via WhatsApp to all of your clients.

You can send messages as soon as the API Key is configured in your ETA account and WhatsApp is activated by following a few simple steps.

You can get in touch with us via email or WhatsApp to request the API Key set. After we have set the API Key, you must go to Setup->Shops, modify the shop where WhatsApp is to be activated, and then select Sales Settings.

If a WhatsApp licence is activated in your account then select the arrow mark shown option in the above image. Then in the next step, you will be displayed a QR and you need to scan the QR from your phone’s WhatsApp. You will also see the steps to scan the QR in that window.

Here are the simple steps: Install WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business on your phone. Create an account with your mobile number(use the number you want to integrate with ETA), then click on the three dots in the top right corner, go to Linked devices, and select Link a device. The scanner will open and now scan the QR. The WhatsApp will be connected. And you are now ready to send messages.

Now you can click on Submit.