QR/2D Code Labels

Get the status of your work orders using the QR code. Print the QR Code according to your needs and design it according to your specifications.

Design retail item labelsstock item labels, and work-order labels, accordingly.  

To set the labels, go to Setup then Preferences, and now click on QR/2D Code Labels.

Customize the size, height, and number of columns of the QR/2D Code. Set the Label Margins to adjust the placement of the QR Code/2D Code.

  • Keep the Column Count 1 or 2 columns so that in one column you can select ‘Text‘ and in the other one, you can select ‘QR/2D code‘.
  • Select if you want to set ‘QR Code‘ or ‘2D Code‘.

Include ‘Label Contents’ such as column placement, content type, and alignment.

  • In content type, you can select the text. In the Content column, select the content that you want to display.
  • Or you can select the QR/2D Code in the Content Type column, then add the content you want to add. If you select QR Code as the content type, make sure you enter QR Tag size and QR Margin. You can also make the font bold. 

Similarly, you can create barcodes for stock labels, work-order, and for item delivery.

Click the Test Print button to view your QR Code. It will be displayed. Then click Submit.

You can also create new labels and also delete labels.