Payment Modes

Different payment modes such as cashcredit cards, debit cards, etc can be configured. Link them up with their respective banks.

Go to Setup then Accounts Setup and then Payment Modes

Enter the Mode Name. Such as cash, card anything else you use as a mode.

Select if the mode of payment Is linked with E-Payment Mode like Stripe or Razorpay (if you have activated the e-payments).

Display Tender Amount Box in Sales: if you select this for payment mode cash then in the sales payment window you can find an option that will show if the customer pays an amount then after deducting their bill amount what amount you need to return to the customer.

To make the payment mode a default mode select the option Is The Most Used Payment Mode. This way the payment mode will be auto-selected while receiving payments.

Lastly, select the payment mode linked with which bank and submit.