Leave Applications

The way the leave application process will operate will allow data entry personnel to submit leave requests on behalf of employees. The leave applications will then proceed to the approval stage of the process. Once the concerned party has approved the leave requests, the leave will be added to the attendance. As a result, the employee whose leave has been approved will be listed as absent at the time attendance is taken.

In order for the manager or anyone else in charge of attendance or payroll management to understand why the employee was away. Additionally, depending on the policies of the store, the leave can be designated as paid or unpaid.

Additionally, if your staff downloads the ETA mobile application to their phones, they will automatically have access to submit a leave request on their own, which will then proceed to the approval stage. They’ll be informed once the leave has been approved.

Go to HR and then Leave Applications

Select the employee’s name, leave type, and date. Type the reason and HR notes.   

  • Note that it’s important to set the leave types first in Leave Master in the Setup section. For that go to the Setup->HR Setup->Leave Master and set the leave types, there you can mark the leaves as paid or unpaid leave and can enter all other details.