Issue Materials

If necessary, you can give employees or workers any stitching materials from the Issue Materials, for any particular work order and produce a receipt for transfers. You can provide any materials for any specific work order from the All Work Orders. Once the materials are issued then the inventory stock will be deducted.

Go to Production and then Issue Materials

  • Keep in mind that you must enter the materials into the system before you can begin issuing them. Go to inventory > master products and choose inventory type as stitching material to add inventory materials.

Now you can issue materials by using the issue materials module.

As seen in the illustration, you can search for and choose the order number or work order number, after which you can choose the retailer and the date. Choose the name of the employee who will get the materials as well as the employee who will be issuing the materials. A list of items where you can search for the material name or SKU, add them to the list, and submit will appear after you have entered all the necessary information.