How to Create Alteration Garment Sales Templates

In the Sales Templates, you can create individual templates for tailoring items and altering items. You will get an individual Alteration option for all the alteration garments.

To add alteration items in the sales template, go to Setup then Tailoring Setup and now select Sales Templates.

Add the details in the basic information. Select the option Is Available For Sales, to make the item visible while adding items to the order in the order window.

Now, that you are creating an alteration item, you need to enable the option Is Alteration Garment? Then you can enter the template name for the alteration item. I.e if you are creating a template for trouser alteration then set the template name as Alteration Trouser. This way while adding items to the orders, it will be easier for you to check if it is a tailoring item or an alteration item.

The Description box is only for internal use. You can add any internal notes for future reference.

You can then select, which name of the item will be printed on the sales invoice or order. That means if you add the item to orders and print an order or invoice then which name of the item will be printed in the item description. Select the options from Printable Names On Sales Invoice/Orders.

Select other details like category and sub-category. If you want to add any style choices, you can add them in the Style Options. And add the price details in the Price&Tax section. In the production part, add the alteration piece rate and if necessary, add the fabric consumption details for the alteration item. You can add images too. If you have created any of your stores as e-store, then you can make the item available online with all the item details that can be added in the e-Store Details.

Here are some points to keep in mind, while creating an alteration item profile.

  • For the alteration-defined items, the fabric selection option will not appear in the order window.
  • But if you want to add fabric to be added for any alteration item, then disable the option: Is Alteration Garment?
  • After disabling the option go to the Price & Tax tab, where you get to enable the fabric selection option.

Now you enable, the option Ask To Choose Fabric During Sales? As a result, you will be asked to choose fabric in the order window and you can add fabric for any alteration item.

You can also enable the option Is Fabric Optional? So in case you do not want to choose fabric, you get a Skip option to skip the fabric selection process. Now you can submit the item profile.

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