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Welcome to, we are happy and determined to help you with your tailoring business. ETA is a cloud-based software application, which lets you monitor your business and shops centrally. It will assist tailoring businesses with all their data automation. Application features are based on analyzing the root level of tailoring businesses to an advanced level. There is no limitation to ETA’s features when it comes to managing stores, customers, employees, etc. ETA is easily accessible from anywhere, and we keep on working on the application by constantly taking clients’ feedback and suggestions.  All the features of ETA are related to every part of the tailoring business system. ETA is customizable which means you can customize your business operations at your convenience. For more information about ETA, you may contact us. Our team will get back to you shortly. 

Following are the main modules of  

Admin Module 

The Admin Module provides access to all the basic features that are necessary to operate your business efficiently. 

Admin will be able to access all of the features and modules. And the admin can share access to the application with their employees. Production managers/employees or salespersons can be given access to particular modules and stores depending on their roles which means 

 If you allow your production members to have access to only the production module, then only they can have that module access. The admin can also provide edit and delete access to the employees for any particular module.   

Work with your desired tailoring options, such as creating your tailoring collections, and setting all required preferences. You can decide the styling options, production stages, measurement chart, fabric consumption, etc.  

Inventory Module 

This module is for managing the ready items, fabrics, and stitching material you have in stock. You can manage vendor and purchase details. Keep track of your stock level so you have the right amount of products on hand to meet customer demands, and avoid stockouts. This module is for managing the ready items, fabrics, and stitching material you have in stock.  

Moreover, you can also record the sourcing status and all the inventory details.

Sales Module 

In the sales module, you can register your customer, take orders, click on their body profile images, record and keep the history of body measurements of the customer, and create sales orders. Create sale orders.

Moreover, the module also enables your salesperson to make an invoice for the delivered garment in the name of your registered customer, if any of the customer’s relatives come to buy garments from you. So the paying customer can be confirmed.  

Once you record customers’ body measurements then the measurement history will get copied to the recent order of the customers.  

Production and HR Module

The production window lets you analyze the factory status and track the progress of your job orders, and production work. You can use this window to prioritize your work order and find information about the overall product status.  

Also, you may plan the production work for the next few days. 

HR Module lets you create different types of leave, overtime categories, and holidays. It also lets employees log in and request leave. You can add attendance sheets or integrate our biometric machine into ETA to record daily attendance. 

Accounts and Payroll

Payments can be made and received through the accounts section. With it, your sales team, accounts team, and data entry team can keep track of all your expenses and expenditures. 

Create a payroll for your production employees based on their work history with just a few clicks, and have their paychecks printed in seconds.  


Generate a variety of reports on sales, payments, and balances after closing hours.

Generate reports on inventory and stock analysis, production history, tax information, and cash flow statements. Reports can be downloaded in PDF or CSV formats and emailed to the admin or production managers.  

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