Expense Bills

Keep a record of every bill you get and every payment you make. bills for things like energy, water, and phone service. The aforementioned bills can be entered here and tracked using expense payment journals. You may keep track of all of your spending by keeping a record of all your bills. You may view the entire amount on your bank statement.

Go to Accounts and then Expense Bills

Enter a valid bill number. Select the date, vendor name, and location. It is important to keep in mind that if the list of vendors does not appear in the column, you must go to inventory->vendors, edit the vendor name, and verify if the option Vendor For Trackable Items is enabled or disabled. If it is, you must disable the option and submit. Now you will see the vendor name in expense bills. In the account category select the category. Again the account category can be created in the setup->accounts setup->account categories. In the item list enter the description of the expense, select tax (the tax and tax percentage can be added in setup->preferences->tax settings), quantity, and price. You can add multiple items by clicking the plus sign. The Tax Deductibles also can be defined in the tax settings. Now submit the bill.

After submitting, again when you want to clear the payment then search and open the bill and add the details of who made the payment.

In the expense source select the employee who made the payment and select the payment mode and date. Then click Record Payment and the payment will be recorded and you the balance will become zero.

You can root these payments through expense payment journals.

Also, we recommend you upload a particular document like a PDF file or anything in the document section for future reference.