Customer Analysis

In customer analysis, you can have detailed information about all your customers. You can track the information report just by selecting the date range. All the details will be downloaded as per the period/date range.

Go to Reports then Sales and then Customer Analysis

Click on the search options to get options to filter out your data.

You can select a period, to see how many days the customers are inactive. You will see the customer data, like their order details and balance.

In all customers, you will see all the customer data. If you want to search for individual customers or if you want to filter the customer’s country, state or province-wise data, then click on the Search Options, and select the Show All option, once the data is loaded, search the country, state/province name in the search box and the data will be filtered.

In the customer list, if you click on an individual customer’s name, it will take you to the customer profile. The download CSV option is given, you can download the customer list.

The tag counter is to see the customer tag details. If you have created tags for customers, whether it’s a family customer tag, formal customer tag, business customer tag etc.,

then you can check the details according to the tagging.