Custom Batch

You can bulk assign work orders to one worker using custom batch, and a work order receipt will be produced. The receipt will serve as both the employee’s and the production manager’s record of work. When a worker completes the work that has been allocated to them, they return the garments to the supervisor. The production supervisor can then get an update on the work orders from the work order receipt, such as how many orders have been completed and how many are still with the worker.

Go to Production then Batches and then Custom Batch.

The auto-generated receipt number will have the sourcing date—the day the goods were given to the worker—and the anticipated return date. Next, choose the worker’s name and the production stage. All of the work orders associated with that production stage will show as soon as you pick them. By selecting the work orders, you can add them to the list and have the selected work orders issued to the employee.

Next, submit the list; a second confirmation option will then display.

The list will be confirmed when the supervisor or another concerned party marks it as confirmed. Additionally, you can print the receipt and hand it to the employee.

You must look up that receipt number when the worker returns any work orders and mark them as completed. The work orders might be marked partially as completed.

Select the work orders that are finished and click the option Mark As Finished.