Category Group

Depending on your tailoring needs, you can create a variety of different tailoring categories. These categories will help you to categorise all the tailoring items.

Go to Setup then Tailoring Setup and  then Category Group

 Click on Categories and then click on Add New Categories.

  • The Production Buffer Days column is if you take four days then from the delivery date it will show four days backdate to the workers so that the workers will see this is the delivery date and we need to complete the work on or before this date.
  • In Trial Piece Rate, is for normal trial types and you can set the price that you pay to your piece rate workers. You can set a piece rate here or while creating tailoring templates in the sales templates, there also piece rate can be set.
  • And if you have defined trial types then by the trial types, you can add the trial piece rates.
  • Other than the trial piece rates you may add the Full Finish Piece Rate in the category level.
  • Add a Subcategory name in the Sub-Category List.

The Quality Check (QC) points can be set here and that will be printed on the work-order sheet.

As shown in the image you can set quality checkpoints like; if the buttons are good and if the embroideries are proper so this will appear in the work-order print and the quality check manager can check and approve them.

You can set production buffer days and worker piece rates in the sub-category list also.