The campaign module can send Bulk and promotional messages to clients. You can set the date and time for the campaigns to be dispatched. You can upload new customer lists and send messages to all the customers in one go. Using the Advanced Search option, you can also search for the existing customer list.

Also before you send campaigns, if you want to send them via WhatsApp, SMS or Email, make sure WhatsApp is integrated with ETA, you have enough SMS credit and you have set Email configuration. To do the SMS and Email configuration you can go to setup->preferences->SMS and Email gateway.

Go to E-Store and then Campaigns, next click on Schedule New Campaign

You can select if you want to keep the campaign in draft or active state. So you keep it active to send the campaign at the scheduled time. If you have scheduled a campaign in draft mode, the campaign will not get dispatched. And once it is sent the status will show dispatched.

Add the campaign title and select the it’s dispatch date and time. Select location, also in remarks you can add any note for internal use.

Now you can compose the message. You can compose different messages for Email messages, WhatsApp messages and SMS.

You need to add messages in the WhatsApp section and you can send any image or PDF (not more than 5 MB) with the text message.

In the SMS section, you can compose messages for SMS.

So once you select the location, the customer list part will be enabled.

Here you can use advanced search and add the existing customer list, or you can upload a new CSV sheet with all customer data.

Then you can submit it and the time you have set, at that time the campaign will be dispatched.