This module lets you accept/automate all your sales payments online. You can send a direct encrypted payment link to your customers from EasyTailorApp through SMS, email, and WhatsApp and they can make payment using that link. 

To enable E-Payment, go to Setup and then Preferences now click E-Payment.

Click on ‘Enable E-Payment’. Then you will see two online payment gateways and now select the one that you want to activate.

  • You will need to enter the API key of the online payment app, Stripe.com. Follow the given steps to get the API key. Share the key with us to activate the payment process. If you face any issues while following the process of finding the API key then you can mail us at reachus@easytailorapp.com from your registered mail id. 

Also, you can choose Razorpay.com for the payment process. 

  • Go to the login page of Razorpay.com and log in with your email ID or mobile number then follow the mentioned steps to get the API Key and Secret Key. Share the key ID and password with us for the activation process. If you encounter any issues while going through the process, you can mail us at reachus@easytailorapp.com, we will guide you through this.