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Attendance Entry

For attendance, there will be a face recognition process to record attendance. From the mobile application of EasyTailorApp.com, the employees can register their attendance from their phones. How it works is employees will have two options on their phones 'IN' and 'OUT'. When the employees reach the office location they need to open their phones and then they need to click 'IN'. After that, the phone will capture a picture of the employee and the attendance will be taken automatically. Next, when the employee wants to leave the workplace they need to click 'OUT'. 

Note that if attendance is taken 50 meters away from the office location then the attendance will be rejected and will be marked as absent. 

So in this section, you will see the list of all the employees and their attendance records for the selected store. In HR click on 'Attendance Entry' and then 'Add Attendance Sheet'. 

Select the date and store name and click on 'Load employee list'. Names of all the employees will be displayed. Then you can see all the attendance details. If you want to make any changes to the sheet then you can do it and click 'Submit'. 

A proper attendance record will help you at the time of payroll generation.